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Welcome to the Chris Way CD store.

****NOTE -- The CD Store is currently disabled pending some security upgrades to my site. If you are interested in owning any of this music, please contact me at the email below or go to my Bandcamp site at

All CD orders to the U.S. only. Shipping is $3 for one CD -- for every extra CD you order (in the same order), shipping is only a buck extra. I'm only accepting CD orders via PayPal at this time. Scroll to the bottom of the page (or click here) for more detailed info on shipping, etc.

Got a question? contact me at chrisway [at] nyct (dot) net.


Chris Way - Full length records on CD:

   Chris Way: "The Body Begins" (2012)

C Way Body Begins

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Track List:

1. Facing West
2. Shoals
3. The Dunes
4. Mangrove Tides
5. Book of Sand
6. Night & the River
7. Blind Pass

Buy/stream for free here at my bandcamp site.

60:18 running time. My seventh CD release (2012). Ambient / classical guitar based compositions (with occasional synths), minimalistic, peaceful. As heard on WFMU (, June 2013. The project came about through talks with New York-based massage therapist Gwen Guarino about composing music inspired by bodywork. The resulting album is not mood music, or massage music. It's a collection of works that is serene, restful and atmospheric but not without subtle musical development, variation & emotion -- music to relax to, as background, or music to listen to closely in and of itself. Each song, and the work as a whole, is a spacious musical meditation inspired by the body, by the way emotion is stored in the body, discovered in the body, released from the body. These songs are a significant departure from what I've done before -- a lot looser, more vast, more wide open in terms of melody, tempo, feel. Music that can be background or foreground depending on how you wish to engage.

All music composed, played, recorded, mixed, produced by Chris Way. Synths on "Facing West" by Andrew Parsegian. Production, mixing & mastering assistance by Andrew Parsegian (aparsegian at gmail dot com). Cover art: Chris Way.

$8.00 + shipping [shipping can be combined if ordering multiple records and -- please see below for more info].


C. Way - "Los Caracoles: Improvisations for Solo Guitar & Voice, Vol. 1" (2010)

C Way Caracoles

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CD Track List:

1. Anunciacion
2. Long
3. Impromptu No. 3 ("Lockwood")
4. Semi-Impromptu No. 11 ("Be Told")
5. Semi-Impromptu No. 8
6. Semi-Impromptu No. 6
7. Or Not
8. Semi-Impromptu No. 4 ("Rising but Not Waking")
9. Semi-Impromptu No. 7 ("Mane")
10. Semi-Impromptu No. 3 ("Isham")
11. Impromptu No. 2
12. Semi-Impromptu No. 9 ("Approacher")
13. Impromptu No. 5 ("Never Know")
14. Semi-Impromptu No. 2
15. Semi-Impromptu No. 5 ("Nests")
16. Seizure No. 2
17. Semi-Impromptu No. 1 ("From My Limbs")
18. Semi-Impromptu No. 10 (Pt.I: "Leaves"; Pt. II: "Boy")
19. Impromptu No. 3 ("Lockwood") - Oh Be Joyful Remix

42:10 running time. My sixth CD release, 2010. Cover art: Jess Hotchkiss. This is a lo-fi album of songs that, more or less, were all captured on the wing -- just me sitting down, turning on a mic, and recording whatever came out: humming, singing, strumming, foot-stomping, fingerpicking: hiss, crackles, warts & all. Spirited immediacy. But this is definitely not free-jazz atonality, more of an exercise in crafting instantaneous hummable songlets: my typical method was to just wait for some motif to come to me and then just repeat it until a small song emerged.

The results of this method are two kinds of songs: total improvisations ("Seizure No. 2" & anything labeled as 'Impromptus') and songs which had their start as an off-the-cuff performance, & later were cropped, enhanced with another guitar line or backup vocal, or otherwise edited enough so that I felt they should be called something else. For this latter kind of song, while they aren't purely spontaneous songs, they do have the original recorded spontaneity at their kernel, & so I refer to them differently as "Semi-Impromptus" ("Or Not", "Anunciacion," and "Long" are the other examples of these on record).

Most songs were recorded in my bedroom or living room with an AKG C 1000 S microphone and a Yamaha CG 171 SF Flamenco guitar.

CD comes in hand-assembled packaging.

$8.00 + shipping [shipping can be combined if ordering multiple records and/or art pieces -- please see below for more info].


Chris Way - "Needle Out" (2009)

C Way Needle Out Art

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CD Track List:

1. Headlights/ Drown
2. Lights Go Out
3. Father
4. Hide From Me
5. Somebody Else
6. Can't Climb Back Down
7. Hollow Book, Winter Glove
8. It's Time
9. Song for Elizabeth
10. Needle Out
11. I'm Your Tired One

34:51 running time. My fifth CD release, 2009. Spare, intense, acoustic songs mixed in with a few hoarse raw shouters. Soul-folk. Cover art: C.Way.

What you'll get: CD comes in hand-assembled packaging and features uniquely customized cover-art for each order.

$8.00 + shipping [shipping can be combined if ordering multiple records and/or art pieces -- please see below for more info].


Chris Way - "Some Songs, Vol.1: 2001-2004" (re-released 2010)

CWaySome SongsVol1

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CD Track List:

1. Face Like Glass
2. Not Even You
3. To Make Giant Designs
4. Move With Me to Mexico
5. Macy's Girl
6. Ghosts
7. Ghost Sailor
8. In the Land of Make Believe (Bacharach/David)
9. Where is my Wind
10. Pocatello Rag
11. 1x1x1
12. Broadway Fills the Screen
13. Face Like Glass (feat. Joelle Jaffe)

46:30 running time. My fourth CD release, 2004, and then re-released this year with new songs and different track order. Tracks 1,2,6-8 from "Ghosts" LP (2004). Tracks 3-5, 11 from "Here Are Some Faces For You!" LP (2003). Tracks 9-10 from "Whelk's Milk" LP (2003). Tracks 12,13 unreleased. Cover art: C.Way, 2004 & 2010. These songs are drawn from my first three CD releases. Most of them were recorded in two different Hoboken bedrooms with a Martin dreadnought acoustic guitar, a Yamaha CG 171 SF Flamenco guitar, a Boss drum machine, and various percussion instruments (some home-made: microphone-stand taps, etc).

$7.00 + shipping [shipping can be combined if ordering multiple records and/or art pieces -- please see below for more info].


Total shipping & handling is $3 if you order one CD. For every extra CD you order, shipping & handling is only a $1 more. For orders of ten or more, contact me for bulk rates. Contact me if there are *any* shipping issues I can help you with.

Maximum of one piece of art per order, regardless of size.

All orders payable via PayPal only, and shipping is via USPS (unless specified otherwise) to U.S. only.
Items may take up to 2 weeks or so to arrive; in most cases you'll receive them in 3-5 days or so. For any problems & questions, please contact me at cw AT chrisway DOT net.

All music & art © 2002-2012 C. Way. Thanks for visiting!

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